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Microsoft Academic Software Licensing

Licensing software is often an afterthought when it comes to deploying or upgrading IT assets, but it should really be your first step. Microsoft products have many different licensing requirements for each of their software programs, and without a detailed explanation of each program and its specific licensing requirements, you can get easily confused. Not to mention, Microsoft licensing can become extremely expensive if you don’t know the in’s and out’s of licensing lingo.  If you are not used to dealing with licensing products, you should get professional help and advice for the products and services you need to purchase.

Whether you are a large institution, or a small school looking to upgrade and expand your computer network system, Bell Techlogix will assist you with all of these needs.  Combining over twenty-five years of experience in IT with Bell Techlogix’s certified engineers and technicians, we provide the intellectual capital required to execute all software licensing for your organization. Bell can assist you with more than just your licensing; they can assist you with all of your networking and virtualization as well.  Imagine having help for all of your possible problems or concerns in one place!  Bell Techlogix can make all of your computer networking and transitions easier than you ever imagined.

Bell Techlogix Can Help You: