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Managed Print Services

Scanning, printing, copying, goes on and on and employees don't realize what it costs or sometimes even that it costs anything. Old printing technology, too many printers and wasted supplies all add up to excessive costs. The truth is that most companies don't understand the depth of this excess. Watch this video to discover what you might be missing and how Bell can help you unlock the savings...



Here's the reality:

  • It's estimated that a typical business spends 1-3% of annual revenues on document output alone!
  • 90% of all companies don't know what they are spending on internal desktop and network printing!
  • Organizations that do are reducing costs as much as 20-30%! 

In addition to savings, you also get these benefits:

  • Reduced energy consumption;
  • Reduced waste (outdated supplies);
  • IT resources to focus on other initiatives;
  • The most current technology;
  • Increased printer and copier uptime;
  • Control through visibility into usage and trends
  • Better forcasting and budgeting;

Here's how you start: Contact Bell Techlogix for a free evaluation to uncover the hidden savings. Our experts will:

  • Analyze your current environment;
  • Compare results to printing requirements;
  • Present cost savings recommendations;
  • Help you select the right option.

Get on the front end of the worlds best kept secret. 

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