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Asset Disposal

When your assets eventually reach the end of their useful lives, they need to be retired and disposed of in a secure, economic and environmentally responsible manner. Partnering with Bell Techlogix for asset retirement, asset remarketing and asset disposal services ensures that all proprietary information is eliminated. The Bell solution can also capitalize on any remaining value of your assets by donating, selling, or auctioning disposed hardware. Bell Techlogix also monitors regulatory activity to ensure that all of your assets are disposed of in accordance with State and Federal guidelines and in an EPA-compliant manner.

Bell can help you with Asset Disposal:

  • Define internal policies and procedures and ensure adherence;
  • Track and manage all IT assets through retirement;
  • Identify alternative solutions for disposal and define an effective plan;
  • Implement warranty, repair and asset reconditioning programs; 
  • Monitor regulatory activity and recommend required actions;
  • Ensure that all proprietary information residing on assets is properly destroyed.